Heirloom Throws and Shawls   

Site-specific, mindfully improvised heirloom throws and shawls made with high-welfare Scottish wool

Made on the Scottish West Coast and inspired by nature my improvised designs take root in the topography and atmosphere of the land that grew the wool used for each piece.

Championing Scottish wool: luxurious heirlooms with provenance 

Receive your very own little piece of Scotland with peace of mind that the yarns and techniques used are fully traceable and sustainable. You will enjoy a totally natural and mindfully handmade piece of usable art for the ultimate sensory experience. I support complete field-to-home transparency to give you and the planet a truly soothing experience.

 My Values

Exclusively sourcing yarn from small Scottish producers with high-welfare flocks and regenerative practices, I love to work with the muted, earthy colours of undyed yarn.The “Silver Land of Birch and Stone” throw honours the Caithness area, with its glorious diversity of landscapes and textures. It was made with the single fleece of a very special sheep, Boss Ewe from Caithness Yarns
When using dyed yarn, I source it from people who respect the environment by using only local botanicals and natural methods in their process, ensuring that my practice is fully transparent and sustainable.
The “Colonsay Song” throw honours the poetic essence of the island with its jewel-like greens and idyllic landscapes, and is made of yarns dyed with local plants by Sarah from Colonsay Wool Growers, Balnahard
Provenance is a core value: in all of my work, you can easily go right back to the flock and the land that grew the wool, the plants that dyed it, the people who took care of the sheep, the mill that spun the yarn, and the distinctive atmosphere which inspired my design for each piece. 
The “Peat Stack” throw made with naturally black yarn from three Uists producers is a tribute to the peat stacking tradition of the Outer HebridesOriginality is the golden thread in my work. Executed with the highest level of unusual creativity and excellent skill, every design is improvised for a totally unique piece which will never be repeated. Because it is created with yarn of such precise provenance, the result is guaranteed to be one of a kind, a heirloom for generations to come, totally natural—your very own piece of Scotland.I am a passionate advocate for the wonders of wool. Settled on the West Coast of Scotland, much of my homespace, mindspace and creative practice revolve around this pure material. "The shawl is like a hug, I never want to stop using it!"This is what I always hear about my heirloom throws. Each is a one-off that will never be repeated.I honour every project as a special creation for a unique individual, making you feel treasured, loved and connected.In humble and mindful presence, deep loving peace is transferred to everything I make: people immediately feel soothed by my creations.

 Remarkable Heirlooms Championing Scottish Wool: